Join us March 12-15, 2020 in Ridgecrest North Carolina for E2020,
a conference for women exploring and living out their call to ministry.

No one can predict how God will meet us, but E2020 will be no ordinary ‘ladies leadership conference’.

As women called to ministry, “seeing and being seen” is not a vain pursuit but a spiritual pilgrimage that begins by recognizing our Shepherd’s voice, who created us Imago Dei – in the image of God – and invites us into redemptive relationship. 

Nestled into the side of a mountain in North Carolina, we will experience:

  • Powerful keynotes from from gifted preachers.
  • Practical workshops from experts in their field.
  • Spirit-filled worship that represents God’s global heart.
  • Spanish translation and workshops.
  • Formative experiences like prayer walks, peer-groups and coaching appointments.
  • Networking opportunities for best-practices and life-long friendships.

Come see and be seen in a setting where your soul will be set on fire, your calling will be affirmed, your imagination will expand, and your ministry will be set ablaze by the Spirit of El Roi – the God Who Sees.

The gifts he gave were that some would be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ. -Ephesians 4:11-12

Meet Our Keynote Speakers

Danielle Strickland

Danielle Strickland is currently based in Toronto, Canada. Her aggressive compassion has served people firsthand in countries all over the world. From establishing Justice Departments for The Salvation Army to launching Global anti-trafficking initiatives, to creating new movements to mobilize people towards transformational living. Danielle trains, advocates, and inspires people to live differently.

Danielle is the author of 5 books with her most recent being “The Ultimate Exodus: Finding Freedom From What Enslaves You” and “The Zombie Gospel: The Walking Dead and What it means to be Human.” She is host of DJStrickland Podcast, Co-founder of Infinitum, Amplify Peace and Brave Global. Danielle is a mom of 3, wife to @stephencourt and has been affectionately called the “ambassador of fun”.


Jennifer A. Guerra Aldana 

Jennifer A. Guerra Aldana, originally from Guatemala, grew up in Southern California as the daughter of Nazarene church planters. Jennifer received her B.A in Social Work from Point Loma Nazarene University and served as a youth pastor and social worker in San Diego county.

She serves as a pastor of La Fuente Ministries- a bilingual, intercultural ministry of Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene and graduated with her Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. At Fuller Youth Institute, she serves as the Director of Multicultural Initiatives.

Her passions include leadership training, intercultural youth spiritual formation and bilingual ministries.

Kristy Hinds

Kristy Hinds is a writer and the author of “Redeemed: The Power of A Single Story”. Kristy believes every story is valuable to God. She believes justice is served especially when a woman owns her story, finds her voice, and offers a path for future women to do the same. Kristy lives in Long Beach, California and serves as a Leadership Development Coach.

Kristy is the founder of Launch it, Ladies online ecourses for the equipping and leadership development of women. She is the daughter of Panamanian immigrants. She is an ordained minister and currently studies creative writing at UCLA. Kristy loves to write, travel, listen to music, read fiction, go to the beach, and dance to salsa music with family and friends.

Visit kristyhinds.com.

Experience Worship With Anomalous Day

Anomalous Day is a diverse band of musicians and friends with the mission to provide experiences and to create environments for people of all races, ages, and cultures.

 With their gospel-influenced harmonies, bluegrass breakdowns, sweet acoustic melodies, and contemporary classic anthems, Anomalous Day is a vibrant, intentionally multi-ethnic musical collective.

Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. once said that “the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning.” They are asking and answering the question – what if it wasn’t? 

Anomalous Day provides space and opportunity to experience the freedom, healing, and intimacy of Christ through worship.

Early Bird Registration Open Through March 11, 2020!

Special pricing is also available for students and first time attendees. 


 No eye has seen, no ear has heard… what God has prepared for those who love Him – 1 Cor 2:9

Check Out What A Few Previous Attendees Have To Say About This Event! 

Honestly I never imagined such an annointed and powerful time. I know that I am forever changed, though I cannot fully articulate why. I also felt such authentic care for everyone there. That those farther along in ministry genuinely want to see me succeed and resource me in ways they are able, yet with the balance of self care and not being all things to everyone.

L.K. Oregon

The speakers were gifted. The Holy Spirit was evident in every time of worship. It was very healing and nourishing for me.

C.H. California

It’s grounding for me as a woman pastor to know that at least every few years, I’m in a space where I am normal. There are other people like me.

R.B. Indiana

Being around other women Clergy was invaluable. I loved talking with and hearing others’ stories. There is strength in numbers.

D.M. Missouri

I felt the Spirit affirm my calling and my spirit was refreshed and renewed

K.K. Washington

My ability to make it a spiritual retreat, & spend time alone. That option is always welcome.

S.E. Texas

Personal interaction with many friends across denominational lines.

They support and encourage me so much.

M.S. Wisconsin

Worship that we could fully participate in, since we typically are “working” during these times.Loved, loved the worship times.

T.P. Florida

Just being together with women clergy!

Singing in a room full of women is such a rare experience– often the conferences I attend are dominated by men (and male voices), so much so that even finding a comfortable key to sing in during corporate worship is difficult, but in this space it was so easy to contribute my voice– and that was a breath of fresh air.

A.M. California

I LOVED reconnecting with friends, spiritual feeding; the number of young women was such an encouragement and blessing!

J.S. Kansas

E2020 is hosted by 

Our mission is to advance Christ’s Kingdom by engaging, empowering, and equipping women to lead at every level in the Church, by:

  • Networking, training, affirming, and inspiring through biennial conferences
  • Ongoing networking and mentoring across denominations (Mentoring Initiative currently under development)
  • Collaborating with denominational leaders to support their women clergy
  • Providing a resource hub for expert research, articles, and teaching

Please click here to visit Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy website.